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Draytek Vigor v2860Ln 4G mobile, Wireless Fibre Optic FTTC, VDSL & ADSL Router

Draytek Vigor v2860Ln 4G mobile, Wireless Fibre Optic FTTC, VDSL & ADSL Router
Draytek Vigor v2860Ln 4G mobile, Wireless Fibre Optic FTTC, VDSL & ADSL Router
Draytek Vigor v2860Ln 4G mobile, Wireless Fibre Optic FTTC, VDSL & ADSL Router

Draytek Vigor v2860Ln 4G mobile, Wireless Fibre Optic FTTC, VDSL & ADSL Router  Draytek Vigor v2860Ln 4G mobile, Wireless Fibre Optic FTTC, VDSL & ADSL Router
The Draytek Vigor 2860Ln Router is the new router/firewall which can support 3G, 4G, ADSL or VDSL (BT Infinity/FTTC). This makes the Vigor 2860 ideal ideal for users with ADSL now who might upgrade to VDSL (BT infinity) later. Alternative WAN ports can insead provide connectivity to Ethenet feeds, secondary xDSL modems or a 3G cellular service using a USB adaptor. This latest router series includes support for professional features such as VLAN tagging, Gigabit Ethernet built-in WiFi.

The Vigor 2860L features the same specification as the standard 2860 product with the addition of built-in 4G (Cellular/LTE) connectivity, compatible with all UK/Ireland cellular networks. The embedded 4G/LTE connectivity provides a self-contained solution as opposed to having to add external/USB modems to your router. A standard SIM slot on the back of the router is secured with a cover to prevent accidental removal (you can leave the cover off if you need easy access). As well as connectivity to the 4G (LTE) networks, the Vigor 2860L provides backward compatibility to 3G networks for areas or networks where 4G isn't available.

Full function SMS message operation also provides additional functionality and control (see later). The Vigor 2860L also provides built-in ADSL/VDSL and Ethernet WAN connectivity for wired (broadband) Internet connections.

Your 3G/4G can provide your sole/primary Internet connection, with optional fallback (backup) to another WAN connection (DSL or Ethernet fed) or 3G/4G can be the backup to your primary DSL/Ethernet connection. The Draytek Vigor 2860 series of routers are BT SIN 498 approved. BT Openreach provide almost all VDSL/FTTC lines in the UK and they require the use of SIN498 approved devices. BT'SIN 498' is the specification defining BT's VDSL2 service requirements in order that products meet specific standards of support and compatibility. In the testing programme (MCT - Modem Conformance Test), devices undergo extensive testing to check if they meet the standard and comply with all of BT's requirements.

The MCT covers many different aspects of a device's operation and is conducted without vendor interaction - a device is submitted and at the end it either passes or fails. Packed with professional-level features, the Vigor 2860 series offers truly comprehensive DSL connetivity and security. Compatible with all UK variants of ADSL (including ADSL2+ and Annex M), VDSL and VDSL2, the Vigor 2860n can also be used for cable-modem, leased line and EFM applications using its Gigabit Ethernet WAN port. On VDSL, the Vigor 2860Ln series supports the very latest services for speeds up to 80Mb/s (depending on line quality and length).

The Vigor 2860 Series'n' models feature 802.11n wireless LAN specification and has been certified by the WiFi alliance for cross compatibility and WiFi compliance (including WPA/WPA2 and WMM). The Vigor 2860Ln includes a hardware co-processor for WiFi to ensure best performance and encryption processing. 802.11n provides a total wireless bandwidth of up to 200Mb/s using new methods such as packet aggregation and channel bonding.

Real-world throughput depends on your own environment (factors such as obstructions, number of hosts and distance all make a significant difference), but actual transfer speeds of over 100Mb/s are achievable (based on our real world tests). In addition, 802.11n provides greater coverage and resilience to interference compared to previous wireless standards thanks to the MIMO technology and the Vigor's antennae diversity arrangement. The Vigor 2860Ln supports IPv6 - the successor to the current IPv4 addressing system that has been used since the Internet was first created. IPv4 address space is full up and IPv6 allows for much more efficient routing and a larger address space. IPv6 is supported both from your own ISP, but if your ISP does not (yet) support IPv6, the Vigor 2860 also supports IPv6 broker/tunnel services to provide IPv6 accss using either TSPC or AICCU via 3rd party IPv6 providers.

Security is always taken seriously with DrayTek routers. The firewall protects against attacks including DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, IP-based attacks and access by unauthorised remote systems. Wireless, Ethernet and VPN are also protected by various protection systems. The latest ('Version 3') DrayTek object-based firewall allows even more setup flexibility than ever, enabling you to create combinations of users, rules and restrictions to suit multi-departmental organisations.

The Vigor 2860n now also allows selective direction firewall rules of LAN to WAN, WAN to LAN or LAN to VPN. In addition, QoS (Quality of Service Assurance) can now be selectively applied to specific users. 6 X Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mb/s) Ports. WAN2 : Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mb/s) Ethernet for load balance and WAN failover. WAN3 : USB Port for 3G Cellular Modem or Printer.

Line Port : For POTS/PSTN voice line connection (cable included). IPSec VPN: Up to 50Mb/s. ANFP Issue 3 Compliant/Certified (for Annex A & Annex M). DSL Forum : TR-048/67 & TR-100. BT Infinity Option 1 & Option 2 Compatible. Annex A, Annex B, Annex C. VDSL2 Profile: 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a, 12b, 17a, 30a. Configurable SNR, INP, Rate Limit. Sending/Receiving of SMS (Text) messages to Web Interface. Status Reports & alerts via SMS, and SMS-initiated reboot. LTE Cat 4 / 3GPP Release 9 with fallback to 3G. LTE Max Speed : 150/50Mb/s (RX/TX). Standard size SIM Slot on with fixed cover. Unlocked to any network (BT, EE, 3, O2, Vodafone, Eircom).

LTE (4G) Bands: Bands 20 (800Mhz), 3 (1800Mhz), 7 (2600Mhz) & 8 (900Mhz). LTE Bandwidth: 1.4/3/5/10/15/20 Mhz. LTE Power : Class 3 (23dBm +-2dB). LTE Duplex : FDD (Frequency Division). UMTS (3G) Bands: Band 1 (2100MHz), Band 8 (900MHz).

GSM Bands: 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz. GPRS MS Output : Class 12. Included Antennae : Two aerials with magnetic extension bases. LTE Antenna Connection : SMA Female x 2. Vigor 2860 ATM Protocols (DSL).

RFC-2684/RFC-1483 Multiple Protocol over AAL5. Multiple PVC support for Triple Play Applications (up to 8 simultaneous). Multiple SSID : Create up to 4 virtual wireless LANs (independent or joined). Packet Aggregation and Channel Bonding.

Optional Higher Gain or directional aerials available. Compatible with 802.11b and 802.11g Standards. Active Client list in Web Interface. Wireless LAN Isolation (from VLAN groups and wired Ethernet interfaces). Restricted access list for clients (by MAC address).

Time Scheduling (WLAN can be disabled at certain times of day). WDS (Wireless Distribution system) for WLAN Bridging and Repeating. 802.11e WMM (Wi-Fi Multimedia).

URL Keyword Filtering - Whitelist or Blacklist specific sites or keywords in URLs. Block Web sites by category e. Prevent accessing of web sites by using their direct IP address (thus URLs only).

Blocking automatic download of Java applets and ActiveX controls. Blocking of web site cookies. Block http downloads of file types. Time Schedules for enabling/disabling the restrictions. Block P2P (Peer-to-Peer) file sharing programs e.

Block Instant Messaging programs e. Port Redirection and Open Port Configuration. SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection) with new FlowTrack Mechanism. Bind IP to MAC Address.

Class-based Bandwidth Guarantee by User-Defined Traffic Categories. Layer 2&3 (802.1p & TOS/DCSP). 4-level Priority for each Direction (Inbound / Outbound). Temporary (5 minute) Quick Blocking of any LAN Client. Web-Based User Interface (HTTP / HTTPS). CLI (Command Line Interface) / Telnet / SSH.

Firmware Upgrade via TFTP / FTP. SNMP v3 Management with MIB-II. Up to 32 Concurrent VPN Tunnels (incoming or outgoing). Tunnelling Protocols: PPTP, IPSec, L2TP, L2TP over IPSec. IPSec Main and Agressive modes.

Encryption : MPPE and Hardware-Based AES / DES / 3DES. Authentication : Hardware-Based MD5 and SHA-1. IKE Authentication : Pre-shared Key or X. SSL VPN for teleworkers - Up to 5 simultaneous users.

MOTP (Mobile One Time Password). DHCP Client / Relay / Server. NTP Client (Syncrhonise Router Time). Call Scheduling (Enable/Trigger Internet Access by Time).

Rack Mountable (Optional Vigor RM1 mounting bracket required). Power Consumption: 18 Watt Max. Dimensions: L240.96 W165.07 H43.96 (mm). Operating Power: DC 15V (via external PSU, supplied).

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  • Brand: DrayTek
  • Model: v2860Ln
  • MPN: v2860Ln
  • Max.

    LAN Data Rate: 1000 Mbps
  • Number of LAN Ports: 6
  • Manufacturer warranty: 2 years
  • Device Type: ADSL Modems & Routers
  • Sub-Type: DSL Modem-Router Combos
  • Number of RJ-45 LAN Ports: 6

Draytek Vigor v2860Ln 4G mobile, Wireless Fibre Optic FTTC, VDSL & ADSL Router  Draytek Vigor v2860Ln 4G mobile, Wireless Fibre Optic FTTC, VDSL & ADSL Router